Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Who We Are

ECI Global: Export Management Company

ECI Global is a full service international business management company. We function as an ETC (Export Trading Company) and EMC (Export Management Company) which assists American Exporters and Foreign Buyers. ECI’s scope of business includes all types of industries. Our export management company provides a full range of services to assist our American clients with increasing their export sales and overall bottom line.

As an export management company, we provide American companies with a full-service alternative to staffing and managing their own international export department. We assist customers and partners all over the world. Our firm’s mission is to expand International Trade with World Class service.

ECI also assists international buyers sourcing all their needs for American goods. Our team will handle the sourcing, negotiating, documentation, compliance, shipping & financing options if necessary. The team is well traveled and understands many cultures and the nuances of global business. Our export management company can provide quality American products & services at very competitive prices.

Our suppliers are able to utilize our expertise in exporting or importing, while keeping costs low, and our international buyers benefit with a team that will negotiate the best prices and handle all logistics, while procuring what they need in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

All of our clients are held in the strictest confidence, with our firm acting in the highest of integrity. Because ECI is a full service international business management company, we are capable of handling every aspect of of doing business in the international markets which includes production, marketing, sales, packing, shipping, delivery, distribution and financing (if needed).

The primary goal of our export management company is to make sure our clients export/import needs are met with ECI handling all the steps in the process and allowing our clients to save time & money.