Sunday, February 18, 2018

Economic Community Development

ECI is committed to the principles of integrity, responsibility and accountability.  Integral to this philosophy is the development of communities which are historically disadvantaged whether through political, economic or naturally driven adversity. ECI believes in investing in the locality in which it operates. Capital investment into the business and educational infrastructures are the key contributor to employment and jobs.

We support communities where we operate by setting up sustainable, livelihood-enhancing projects.   ECI has set up a small-holder micro-finance scheme which you can find described in detail on this site and at

Such a structured lending program empowers local community businesses, enabling them to increase their productivity, without encumbering them with upfront cash requirements to buy inputs. The first program was set up in September 2011 in California and and in January 2014 we launched the first business enterprise out of the program.  We will be bringing up three more enterprise zones in 2014.

ECI is committed to the economic enhancement of the areas within which it operates. We believe in the premise of the better off the community due to economic activity, the more likely our own markets and procurement opportunities are to be maintained.