Sunday, February 18, 2018

Export Services

ECI Global is a comprehensive Export Services Company. Our export service company fulfills the needs of our clients as their all-inclusive export agent or in specific areas of export assistance. Take advantage of a full-service export department without the payroll costs. As your global representative, we will provide every resource available to you from private or government sectors. These resources include financing your purchase orders and your operation of producing/purchasing exporting goods. 

Some of our Popular Areas of Turn-Key Export Assistance Include:

  • Export Compliance
  • Export Financing
  • Financing Foreign Buyers are Available
  • Assisting with meeting loan & insurance requirements
  • Inventory Financing

    Freight Forwarding & Shipping- ECI has a network of shipping companies to help with Air Freight, Land or Sea transportation needs. We use leading global freight forwarders to ensure timely and accurate delivery of your items.

    Marketing & Advertising- Depending on your export assistance needs we can provide full advertising efforts, or introduce specific marketing avenues customized for your business. Reach up to 2 billion potential consumers with your products or services. Be Represented in Over 100+ Countries Around the Globe.

    Increasing International Sales- We can assist with finding qualified Distributors/Agents for your products & services or direct sales links to foreign importers. Our goal is to establish a solid relationship, which will lead to continued sales and repeat business.

    Export Logistics- ECI can manage the total transaction from start to finish.

  •         Establishing & Qualifying Buyer
  •         Preparing all Quotes & Invoices
  •         Adhering to Export Compliance Regulations
  •         Insurance
  •         Writing Letters of Credit
  •         Arranging Payment via Financing, Wire Transfer, L/C, and Payment Plan etc…
  •         Creating Packing List
  •         Customs Documentation
  •         Handle all Transportation from FOB

    Export Agent- We will become your export agent and use our knowledge and expertise to support any aspect of exporting your American goods or services. ECI prides itself on efficient and honest customer service for every client we provide export assistance.

    Training- ECI can provide training followed by a live demonstration of actual exporting transactions for ‘The-Want-To-Be-Exporters’ or ‘Exporters-With-Needs-Of-Assistance’.

    Travel Assistance- Our team will assist with accommodations, travel arrangements, interpreter services & clerical support.

ECI Global utilizes the latest in networking and communications to simplify and quickly meet the needs of our clients. Fees for our service are customized based on each client and the scope of their project. In order to provide the best export assistance, we are ready to answer all questions and put together a package to satisfy your goals.

As your official export division, ECI will take care of all aspects of exporting or handle a designated portion of each transaction as your export agent. As your outsourced international department, we can lower your costs and increase your profits. Due to the ever-changing environment, our export assistance team is open to all types of requests and we are willing to strive hard to find a solution.

We serve as the liaison and consultant between the American supplier selling into foreign markets, and the foreign buyer seeking to purchase goods & services from U.S. based businesses. Both parties can benefit from our export assistance, by saving time and money with a “One Stop Solution” to assist with exporting goods.

For Export Assistance Please contact ECI today @ 877 568-4324 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .