Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Export Trade Certificate of Review

Domestic competitors and producers of complementary product lines are teaming-up for exporting under the antitrust protection of the Export Trade Certificate of Review program. Without the protection of an Export Trade Certificate of Review, domestic firms that coordinate with one another could be vulnerable under U.S. antitrust laws. Created by Congress, this unique no-fee program provides participants with the legal protection necessary to work together, without fear of exposure under U.S. antitrust laws.

The Export Trade Certificate of Review can help any firm that wants to export on a lower-cost more profitable basis, but it is especially beneficial to small- and medium-sized manufacturers that typically lack the resources to export profitably on their own.

An Export Trade Certificate of Review allows firms to conduct joint export activity. For example, participants can negotiate with one voice to obtain favorable export sales terms and favorable rates on export services, such as transportation. The Export Trade Certificate of Review enables firms to work together to reduce export costs and risks while developing new export business opportunities. Read what program participant’s have to say.

The Export Trade Certificate of Review program provides firms with a federal preclearance for proposed joint export activities, and conveys legal benefits that serve to protect the Certificate holder’s and members’ business and personal assets from costly lawsuits. Participants are protected from being sued by state and federal plaintiffs. Moreover, participants receive unparalleled reduced exposure at the private business level where most antitrust litigation takes place.

Firms that team-up for exporting can gain many of the size advantages often enjoyed by larger corporations. By combining resources and coordinating with one another, participating firms can negotiate favorable rates on transportation, insurance and other export services; jointly fill large and complex export sales orders over the long-term; and negotiate favorable export sales terms and conditions.